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Sailing Calidris

Welcome to my sailing page. This page has some pictures of me sailing my boat "Calidris" at the Crystal Coast, Kerr Lake and Badin Lake in North Carolina. The boat is a water ballast 1994 model Hunter 19. Early on, I sailed it on the skinny waters of Bogue Sound. It is a beautiful place to sail and I often had the opportunity to cruise along with a pod of bottlenose dolphin. My home port is now at Badin Lake. This is a deep lake in the piedmont of North Carolina. Most of the eastern shore is in the Uwharrie National Forest, so it gives you the feel of being in a more remote location than you actually are. It is very peaceful there on the water. Give me my boat, a little wind, and the company of family and friends and that makes for a day on the water as close to paradise as it gets.

Calidris safe at harbour

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Bogue Sound

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Kerr Lake

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Badin Lake

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Sailing on Bogue Sound near Broad Creek

Area Boating Information:

Wind Alerts - Badin Lake

Wind Alerts - Crystal Coast, NC

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Saltwater Fishing Report

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