Bone-Norman Cave System, West Virginia

This cave system is a large system with over 14 miles of surveyed passageways. It consists of two main sections. The Bone section is a mostly dry cave with a few formations and lots of dry, dusty clay silt. The Norman section is an active cave with stream passages, waterfalls, and many beautiful formations. The two sections are connected by a very tight crawlway called the Devil's Pinch. There are three photos of this connection. Following the Devil's Pinch, after leaving the Bone section, is a long crawlway that has only a 12" to 20" high ceiling. We always called it the Quarter Mile Crawl...a real test of to see if you really want to explore this cave. Following the long crawl you enter a dry room and walkway in the Norman section that leads to the stream passage. The real journey begins. This cave is a home to bats and cave crickets. It is also a wild cave. There are no guides or tours. This cave should only be entered by experienced caving parties. For safety, always enter caves with a team of at least 3 people and 3 light sources per person...I prefer to carry 4. Always make sure someone on the outside knows you entered a cave and when you plan to exit it.

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